Best of the web 25 November

Who is greener: Google or Facebook?

The latest round in the green wars probably goes to Facebook, which has just announced two new green datacenter strategies on two different tracks. However, Google also continues to hold its own after announcing a couple of Google Earth projects that will map out rooftop solar power potential in California plus geothermal energy potential across the US.

European data center locations: Google vs. Facebook

The Green (Low Carbon) Data Center Blog has recently plotted the European data centers of Google and Facebook on a map of Europe. At the moment, Google has datacenters in Dublin, Hamina (Finland) and Belgium while Facebook will soon have a datacenter in Lulea (Sweden). Incidentally, Google also has three future sites in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) planned – and apparently a fascination with the number three.

Microsoft datacenter takes a unique approach to water

Microsoft has recently teamed up with the city of Quincy, Washington in order to retool the city’s water treatment infrastructure. As part of this partnership, a multi-million dollar water treatment plant that was built by Microsoft to support its datacenter will be leased to the city of Quincy for just $10 a year – a great deal for local taxpayers.

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